A note from the developers

By pre-ordering, you're putting your trust in us to develop a good game without being completely sure about what you'll get. We feel the only way to return the favor is to put our trust in you.

In addition to getting the pre-order bonuses, all pre-orders qualify for a full refund at any time, for any reason, no matter how many hours you've spent (or didn't spend) playing the game, for up to one year after we launch the game.

We also believe that game developers should be up-front about how much it actually costs for the complete experience. Clicker Heroes 2 will not have any DLC, microtransactions, or otherwise paid content, except for cosmetics that don't impact gameplay (like the pre-order character skin).

What will I get for pre-ordering?

You will get:

  • Downloadable executable Clicker Heroes 2 for Windows and/or Mac (when it becomes available)
  • All future updates to the game
  • An optional Steam key
  • $20 worth of Clicker Heroes 1 rubies (right now!) (for Browser/PC/mobile only)
  • A special pre-order character skin
  • Beta access on July 16, 2018.

What is Clicker Heroes 2?

Idle games can be set up to play for you while you're not there. Incremental games focus on growth and progress, and are often exponential in nature. Clicker games are usually both Idle and Incremental, but involve some amount of clicking.

Clicker Heroes 2 is all of these, but with a focus on also being an action RPG. You play the hero. You kill monsters. Get gold. Choose gear. Upgrade gear. Learn talents. Defeat bosses. Progress to new worlds. Gain XP. Level up with a massive skill tree. Or just sit there and do nothing, your hero will do most of it for you, with the automator.

Clicker Heroes 2 will also be significantly moddable, particularly with respect to creating your own characters.

We will post more updates with screenshots and videos of all the game's features when they are closer to completion.

And we plan to work on new features and improvements as long as we can afford to!

Why pre-order?

We don't have unlimited resources. We're just trying to make the best game we can with a limited budget, and if we can get more funds upfront, we can afford to spend more resources on making Clicker Heroes 2 into a better game. By pre-ordering, you're doing a small part in helping the game be better than it would have otherwise been.

When will I get it?

The beta will be released on July 16, 2018.

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